Website Demos

Though this portfolio is hosted directly on WordPress for the sake of simplicity, you may want to explore some pages I have created to demonstrate my experience with Office365, G Suite, Django, and cloud hosting. My experience is mainly in back-end development, which does involve some of my own HTML/CSS/JS for wireframing.

Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services – A simple static site is currently hosted on AWS at It is a placeholder while I work on the web app intended for the domain and also serves to demo some basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript front end develoment.

Google Cloud Platform – Periodically, I back up posts from this site on, a free domain name I switched over to Google Cloud nameservers. I have a GCP compute engine with a LAMP stack running WordPress.

Google Sites

Google Sites has two forms: classic and new. My classic demo site is here and my “new” demo site is here.


The website for Cleveland PyLadies is the most polished of my Django projects publicly available, at the moment. However, I do have a publicly available demo site that shows backend logic proficiency with a small library catalog app (with a postgreSQL database) deployed on Heroku.

GitHub Pages

My user gh-page currently opens to and highlights work from my #100DaysOfCode challenge, undertaken to hold myself accountable for developing/posting project repos in public. The site itself links to project gh-pages in a variety of domains, including a Pelican build automated on Travis-CI and several data science projects gh-pages.