Welcome to my portfolio website.

As the name suggests, my tech specialties are Data Science and Web Development. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript and thoroughly enjoy building and improving websites. In addition to front-end development, I also enjoy back-end and full-stack projects. But what I most enjoy is exploring and analyzing data in a variety of contexts: business, civics, research, etc.

My professional passions in research and technology are focused on asking well-formed questions, collecting appropriate data to address issues, and making conclusions or inferences with an open mind – rather than simply processing data in ways that make it say what the user wants it to say. To this end, I have also developed an interest in cloud computing and Data Engineering to build, refine, and innovate quality processing tools.

Take a look around and feel free to contact me if you’re interested in contracting a project or part-time consultation. My full-time job as a high school math teacher demands much of my time until May 24th, but I will have open availability for clients after that date.

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Notes on personal and professional development in the tech community.

Design Matters

Let me frontload this by reiterating that I’ve spent the majority of my adult years as a high school math teacher. We are not typically the first content-area you think of when remembering the most design-savvy of your teachers. My strengths tended to center more on depth of knowledge and adaptability than on beautiful bulletin … Continue reading Design Matters

CLEPyLadies: Hoorays and an Oops

Oops! I managed to lock the @CLEPyLadies twitter account last week and am still waiting on the humans to fix this. I’m also still wading my way through html files, getting the website in a workable state. That hasn’t been my singular focus, so it’s not ready to deploy. HOWEVER…

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