What is going on here?

The purpose of this site as a whole, and how the blog side relates to this purpose.

Open 21.1

My personal goal was 225 reps, but I would be happy with anything over 200 if my double unders weren’t smooth today. I got 217 reps! A few minutes short of my goal, but I also had to break up the set of 90 into 10s today. Might retry on Sunday? Happy with my work … Continue reading Open 21.1


Not-So-SimpleCV: Tracebacks and Bitmaps

My progress with the SimpleCV update was somewhat mixed yesterday. I was able to go from a low of tracebacks on any image operation to a high of loading two photo formats (though not stored with quite the right attributes) before encountering dependency tracebacks on Hooray! But I also began to suspect that OpenCV … Continue reading Not-So-SimpleCV: Tracebacks and Bitmaps

Not-So-SimpleCV: Fixer-Upper

After some time away due to a new job & the NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon, I was finally able to sit down for a day of debugging my fork of SimpleCV. I left off with a version that loads and functions on frozen-in-time dependencies on my Raspberry Pi, but that setup left me with … Continue reading Not-So-SimpleCV: Fixer-Upper