Modeling with Mathematics

The COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an annual undergraduate modeling competition started in 1999 by the COMAP organization. Enthusiastic to apply what I was learning as an undergraduate math major, I participate in this competition every spring from 2006 through 2009.



Team #314 results: Honorable Mention. (Note: Digital archives of certificates are not available from contests prior to 2007.)



Team #1091 results: Meritorious. MCM 2007 – 1091



Team #3104 results: Honorable Mention. MCM 2008 – 3104



Team #5426 results: Meritorious. MCM 2009 – 5426

Starting in 2009, MCM began posting a commentary document from the judges. Reading through their feedback on trends in participant papers provided insight into common strengths and weaknesses of student approaches to a given problem in a given year. I found this to be quite insightful, looking back.

MCM 2009_MCM_Judges_Commentary_Problem_A

MCM 2009_MCM_Judges_Commentary_Problem_B


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