The Missing AWS Link

One of the pieces I wasn’t able to connect during my first hackathon was linking my domain to the hosting I had set up on AWS. Without a site to demo, the project fell by the wayside as the hackathon ended and my responsibilities took over. Flash forward about a month to the email I received from MLH (Major League Hacks) this afternoon with several articles, including a quick tutorial on deploying via AWS.

As I followed the tutorial, I ran across several previous attempts in S3 buckets. None of these loaded on my domain, so I went ahead and uploaded a fresh bucket to make sure everything matched the guide. Part of what I was missing were public permissions for my index.html and the other missing link was Route 53. I had spent the majority of my time trying to figure out what I needed from ElasticBeanstalk, though I was doing so before even having finished the code for my web app. For now, I decided hosting a static website in AWS would be success enough to keep me invested. I proceeded with the walkthrough and VOILA! Successful deploy of phase one. Cloud hosting, for the win.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the things I’d like to revisit this summer is Elastic Beanstalk so that I can deploy an actual app on this domain, but for now I have it running an interactive static website from the Full Stack Web Development course I took this winter.


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