Give Back Hack

GiveBackHack is a weekend-long event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable, technology-based solutions to some of our most pressing social issues. We are the launchpad for social innovation you need to turnĀ an idea into a reality. We bring together community leaders, designers, developers, and other concerned citizens to create solutions that will … Continue reading Give Back Hack


Unexpectedly Open Source

Well...I finally made my first pull request to a public repo on GitHub. Fixing a typo in documentation isn't exactly coding, but it's still a contribution! Hopefully I will progress to intentionality in open source, but happening upon typos to correct is what I have time for until the school year ends. Baby steps.

Deep Magic

I'm not sure exactly which turn in the rabbit hole led me to this point, but I spent my evening reading through the documentation and code in my forked & cloned copy of CPython in Atom. Who am I anymore??? Anyway, I find myself increasingly appreciative of the touches of whimsy in Python. The Zen … Continue reading Deep Magic

How can technology enhance character development?

I have an open question that's been rattling around in my brain: in what ways can technology enhance the human species regarding character development? Organisms, cultures, and subgroups with "invasive species" characteristics seem to win at evolution/imperialism/economics, but devastate the local ecosystems that they consume in their expansion. In order to prevent self-destruction, it may … Continue reading How can technology enhance character development?

Is it too late to change my answer to MySpace?

As social engagement shifted to the more accelerated, one-size-fits-all engagement of the Facebook model, I was part of the cultural shift away from the less scrollable content network of MySpace. In hindsight, there are a few reasons I wish I could take it back and stick with MySpace until the end. I use my Facebook … Continue reading Is it too late to change my answer to MySpace?