Alexa, Ask TweetBot to Post a Facepalm Emoji…

I’d like to preface this by pointing out that I do know about the option to withdraw errant submissions and I later successfully completed the Alexa Skill certification process with my actual project for the hackathon. Unfortunately, I made a committment to share my teachable moments whenever possible.

As part of the Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge: Life Hacks¬†on Devpost, I have been working on Voice User Interface programming for Alexa and for Google Home. My preference for the latter is strengthening with the relative ease of pushing Hello World and other dev Skills/Actions, but I am also extending my AWS knowledge significantly through developing Alexa Skills. I will dig into that in later posts, but first…the kerfuffle:

I accidentally submitted my first Skill for certification! Not only was it my first Alexa Skill, but it was also my first Voice User Interface program. So I submitted my Hello World for Alexa Skill certification. When I realized that the launch had automatically submitted my skill, I was mortified. Live and learn. And then get an Echo to test these things out on IRL. Eventually.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.21.35 PM.png

Again, I know there is an option to withdraw inadvertently submitted skills, but I was curious to see the response. Now we know. And that’s what mistakes are for!



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