FunctionalCV on Python 2.7

Though I’m still working on getting a Python 3 branch of SimpleCV together, my Python 2.7 master branch has steadily improved to a (mostly) functional state. I’ve only been able to get it up & running on my Raspberry Pi, where the PiCam driver does not seem to be recognized by SimpleCV, but all capabilities related to existing image captures seem to be available.

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Heads up: you don’t seem to be able to escape in the middle of a tutorial, even with control + D as suggested, but you can quit between tutorials. I was able to experiment with the functionality in tutorials 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 – which is what leads me to believe camera capture is the only functionality I still need to troubleshoot on that branch.

Feel free to check out my fork of the SimpleCV library on GitHub for yourself and let me know what issues it runs into on your Python 2.7 environment!


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