Website Roundup

Due to the nature of my first tech job, I haven’t been able to share much of my progress over the past year. With this post, I’m starting a running list of recent projects.

Web dev

Web app that Cleveland PyLadies participants can use to mark their presence.

Static site built in Python using the Pelican framework. Resource summary & blog for Cleveland PyLadies participants.

Web app for DjangoGirls Cleveland participants to see an example of the app they will make during the workshop.

Current project

Building a prettier, more dynamic theme to use in our Pelican static site.

Data science

Flask app with machine learning tools for analysis of training data (work)

Image processing module for use in a handwriting recognition app (work)

Dask ETL pipeline to process high-fidelity data for an interactive Bokeh visualization app (work)

Formal data analysis as a service (work)

Current project

Source code processing module to prepend all non-data files with distribution statements (work)


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