Pressure vs Passion

This portfolio site serves as a landing page for parties that may be interested in professional services I can offer, but also as documentation of my passion projects. As such, I enjoy adding content as projects are completed in real time. However, as a full-time teacher, part-time graduate student, and entrepreneur/job-seeker trying to maintain work-life balance, the pressure to meet deadlines and still contribute to my passion projects strains my time management skills at times.

I have recently begun allowing myself to push out more posts and products before they are perfect. This has been a huge relief. Not only am I able to make more progress on my passion projects because tackling a portion of a project every morning before work is much more manageable than putting it off until I have time for a longer session, but I also have time to reflect on the process in between these sessions.

Some tasks still require my full attention for several uninterrupted hours (I’m looking at you, Linux) but there is always another item on my list that can be chunked to fit in the occassional 20 minutes to spare after completing my morning routine. Worst case scenario: I might get so sucked into it that I leave for work a few minutes later than intended. But since I already get to work half an hour earlier than required, even this has minimal risk of negative outcomes. So I look forward to those little moments of Me Time that the morning often gifts to me. Besides, I need something to justify that extra mug of coffee!


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