Is it too late to change my answer to MySpace?

As social engagement shifted to the more accelerated, one-size-fits-all engagement of the Facebook model, I was part of the cultural shift away from the less scrollable content network of MySpace. In hindsight, there are a few reasons I wish I could take it back and stick with MySpace until the end. I use my Facebook … Continue reading Is it too late to change my answer to MySpace?

Study Groups for Grown-Ups

Public tech meetups are my new social outlet while I recover from prolonged ankle injury and balance several heavy workloads.

Paranormal Hacktivity

Reflections on my first hackathon.

Kaggle: SQL Scavenger Hunt, Day 5

Brief, belated review of Day 5 from Kaggle's SQL Scavenger Hunt.

Kaggle: SQL Scavenger Hunt, Day 4

Brief, belated post about day 4 of the SQL Scavenger Hunt on Kaggle.