Kaggle: SQL Scavenger Hunt, Day 4

Nearly an entire week after the Day 4 task was released in Kaggle’s SQL Scavenger Hunt, I finally made time to sit down and bang out a solution. Work has been taking up most of my free time because the end of Marking Period 3 is in 2-3 weeks, so I’m putting in a lot of effort to recovering (and grading) missing work from my students with Ds and Fs. Also, I’ve got two posts in the pipeline about the hackathon I did over the weekend and the sysadmin progress I made, but haven’t taken time to solidify my written reflections on.

Nevertheless, I have a solution to the Day 4 task and enough energy left before bed to throw these screen grabs and comments online. There were a few minor issues with misattributed (or misrequested) dates and unexpectedly large query sizes, but the fixes were quick and simple. Overall, another great review task from Kaggle.

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