Cleveland, Where My Ladies At?

Tech Ladies, PyLadies, RLadies, DjangoGirls, BlackGirlsCode, WomenWhoCode, Women in Tech…

It has been bugging me lately that there are no active women in tech groups near me. Girls Who Code seems to have a presence here, but the local chapter of Women Who Code has had no activity in almost a year. The closest consistently active group is Akron Women in Tech, which is usually a manageable drive but not convenient on a weeknight. I appreciate that community, but I’ve been craving something closer to home. So in March, I started a series of organizer applications.

Tech Ladies

They’ve been a reliable source of job postings, support, and professional development resources via their email blasts and have a straightforward City Organizer application process. The expectation from them is that I organize a Tech Ladies event once every quarter. There was a hiccup this quarter due to my school schedule and miscommunication with HQ, but we will have our first event this summer. I’d like to see that group get to the point where I can have a “Coding and Self-Care” event in Ohio City. The venue I have in mind is cost-prohibitive for now, but it’s on my list.


I met some wonderful ladies irl at PyCon that I’d seen all over the local tech slack workspace. They were just as enthusiastic as I was about getting some movement in the local tech diversity scene. We are still in the early stages of planning, but I will soon be excited to announce details on the DjangoGirls event we are putting together for the fall.


The other item I’ve been working on in my spare time is connecting with the organizers at PyLadies to get what I need to start a Cleveland chapter of PyLadies. We hosted the conference in 2018 and will do so again in 2019, but we don’t have a local chapter of PyLadies? No deal. Yesterday (my birthday) I finally got the email I needed! Our website is not yet up & running, but we have an email account, our Meetup group is active, and I’ve already opened and promptly locked our @CLEPyLadies twitter account by putting yesterday as the birth date. Turns out they don’t consider zero days old to comply with their minimum user age policy. Whoops!



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