CLEPyLadies: Baby Steps


I managed to lock the @CLEPyLadies twitter account last week and am still waiting on the humans to fix this. I’m also still wading my way through html files, getting the website in a workable state. That hasn’t been my singular focus, so it’s not ready to deploy.



Our live Meetup group is alive and growing! As of last night, we were already up to 13 members. I put a line in the welcome email asking new members what type of events they’d like to attend and one person already responded saying she wants to learn Python! So pumped.

Although I don’t use my own Facebook, it has been fun putting together the Cleveland PyLadies Facebook page. It doesn’t seem to have the nice meetup and twitter feed integrations right off the bat, but I also haven’t invested as much time in it yet. At the very least, it seems like a good place to reach out and find those not yet in a local meetup community!

It also offered built-in integration for MailChimp, so I put together a little intake form that gives users the option to tag their email with their interests relative to the group and to Python as a whole. It’s also available on this secure Google Form, which I manually batch-import for now.


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