Kaggle: SQL Scavenger Hunt, Day 1

I’ve been dragging my feet on the Kaggle competitions in my workspace. I sincerely want to work on them, but there are so many other items on my priority list that I’m choosing to make time for instead. But anyone looking at my public kernels would think that I’m neglecting my Kaggle resources. So when I got an email blast about a Kaggle-hosted SQL scavenger hunt that promised to require minimal time commitment, I knew I had to fit that into my schedule.

Part of the reason I am already so glad to have signed up for this activity is that I didn’t realize how solid I was on my SQL until now! Kaggle is publishing tutorials along with each day’s scavenger hunt, but I haven’t needed them for the query structures nor syntax yet. The tutorial notebooks have been invaluable as introductions to BigQuery datasets and how to avoid accidentally running up a $1000 AWS bill!

SQL Scavenger Hunt Day 1.png

The convenience of Kaggle Kernels and their bq_helper package made this an insanely quick activity. It probably took me longer to put together this writeup than to write and run my queries.

My comps are still in process, partly because their solutions are more involved than a quick SQL scavenger hunt, but this little activity has me excited to go chip away at the codes for those comps. I’ve got a lot of grading to catch up on tonight, and possibly a hackathon this weekend, so it’ll be a hot minute before I hit “contributor” status in Kaggle’s social progression. For now, I’m just happy to be comfortable with the tools I’m finally making time to play with.

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