Kaggle: SQL Scavenger Hunt, Day 2

Well…today I learned a valuable lesson.

The Eternal Version.png

Today I learned that Kaggle Kernels may spend eternity as versions in process if I try to run them on the wifi at work. We had back-to-back after school meetings until 6pm in two locations today, so I brought my computer in the hopes of catching some coding time between meetings. I found the time, but wasn’t able to commit and run my code on district wifi – even with staff permissions. Woe is me.

I also learned that the code is not necessarily lost! To my delight, I found my code waiting patiently for me when I got home and reloaded my browser. Not that it would’ve been earth-shattering if I’d had to rewrite a few lines of starter code, but it was a pleasant surprise.

As far as the actual project is concerned, it was another pleasant and simple problem to take a familiar language and implement it in BigQuery. Adding arguments to my COUNT() function was a mistake that I did not catch until the final version, but overall it was a nice little SQL task. Kaggle, you’ve done it again.


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