Running Concurrent Jupyter Notebooks

Setting up Before my most recent project, I had already recently updated datalab. However, this is a sequence you'll need to run through if you are new to datalab or have been away for a while. (Source: datalab quickstart <- I recommend running through their checklist directly if you're new to the GCP SDK) In the … Continue reading Running Concurrent Jupyter Notebooks


Women Who Code: A Cloud Guru Award

As a career changer from the female-dominated education profession to the male-dominated tech sector, I was initially apprehensive about gender perceptions and finding a sense of community in tech. Several women shared their experiences with frequently being talked down to and other socially upsetting work environments, which in their cases were gender-motivated though that is … Continue reading Women Who Code: A Cloud Guru Award

Why Not?

Mornings are for focused multi-tasking and deep work on passion projects.